Why we?

If you are looking for some peace of mind, you are at the right place. We are licensed and regulated forex broker, trusted all over the world. We deal with various banks and offer our clients the best possible deals, and hence our clients’ trust in us is ever strong.

Services and offers

No plunging without practicing to stay afloat! We give you time and a dummy account to practice before actual trading. As you join us, we guarantee 5% cash back on your first deal. That’s a joining bonus! We offer various types of bespoke accounts to our traders. Our website lists down the trading accounts we offer. Assistance, before you register with us, is also available at your time of convenience. We offer help and assistance through phone calls, emails, chats. Financial executives are regularly trained to keep you assisted all the time. Never will a query regarding forex remain unanswered, if you are here.


Our motive is to earn a profit for you, and, we understand that your money is hard earned; hence, we care about it. We ensure that you know about all risks and rewards before your first trading begins. Once you are versed with the nuts and bolts of the mechanism we can sail through confidently. There are unwritten fundamentals and unsaid patterns in forex, here we practice decoding them for your benefit. We keep no secrets from our clients. We have sessions wherein, charts are read, analyzed and discussed with the client, to help him be aware of the trends.

Our leverage ratio is one among the best in the market. Higher the leverage ratio better are the chances for good profits.

Your profit is our success. So, if you’re thinking about forex trading think about us. You will be happy to have chosen us!